Fast Telecommunications ISP hacked by AnonKuwait

As promised. To stop the greedy corporates that illegally reached the pockets of citizens and stole their money, we have broken into the server and website of FastTelco company and defaced their control panel. What adds insult to injury is that the minister of communications and transport lied to people about removing the cap and lowering the prices of internet subscriptions. So, we had to bring attention to the matter over again and show that people of Kuwait is the source of all powers and to bring happiness to them so their anger cools down a bit.

فاستلكو تحت الاختراق

Defaced webpage of FastTelco

Update 1:

As a little thank you to those who are supporting q8cap campaign we have added the logo of “Internet should not be limited” to FastTelco’s control panel.

شعار لا للانترنت المحدود في لوحة الحكم

q8cap logo in control panel

Update 2:

We had penetrated the company for the second time in less than 12 hours after the repair. This time we have breached the section of companies but we did not delete any file from their server. Thanks for those who are trying to spread the word and support our campaign. The campaign has just begun.

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  1. Even though i don’t like to admit supporting cyber-violence, but i also consider myself a part of anonymous, also The Game 😛

  2. I really hope your actions act as a catalyst to end this unfair-use policy. and i really hate the idea that my ISP is spending so much money on ad campaigns but should be spending more on technical security of my information.
    Do you plan on releasing the details of the attack?

  3. سلطان العنزي

    ما ودكم تخترقون موقع جلف نت /:

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