GulfSat Communications security camera hijacked

As a continuation for our prmomises until they remove the cap, today is GulfSat Communications day. Our team was able to hack the security camera system of GulfSat Communications company. You can see the servers room and the reception (maybe?).

First: Servers room

Second: Reception room (maybe?)

Camera IP Address :

Camera Control Panel :

System used : FlexWATCH-Webs

Username : root

password : master


Ofcourse, you can control the camera through the intenet. You can move it right and left.

We demand from GulfSat Communications to remove the cap ( Unfair Usage Policy ) and lowering the prices of the internet and these are legal and simple demands.

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  1. والله انك بطل

  2. Keep it up really you guys have done a really good job dont leave kems also they are also too expensive

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