Biggest ISP in Kuwait Qualitynet Side-Server Database Leaked

Qualitynet is the biggest internet service provider in Kuwait. It owns a very big network connected to other countries in Middle East. Qualitynet shocked us all in InfoConnect exhibition when it increased the pricing of their services by 70% and it shocked us again by applying the unfair downstream cap policy. Qualitynet is one of the major factors in setting the decision of cap policy which angered people of Kuwait toward these unlawful unacceptable decisions.

We AnonKuwait are watching these events with bird-eyes and waited for the perfect time to strike back at Qualitynet and give them a lesson. Since Qualitynet is a very big networked company, we have decided that we’ll be releasing our hacks separately and you’ll see what makes you cool down.

Episode 1:
Penetration of one of Qualitynet servers working for Ministry of Education having a database containing high school graduating students information. The server is We have hacked the whole server and extracted an SQL dump.

[14MB of data in sql format]

Qualitynet does not provide the perfect security so we encourage different organizations and ministries to cut relations with it.

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  1. ليلحين تدور شهره ؟

  2. كفو والله انشر بكل اللغات .. الشركات واصحابها .. هذولي ناس تخاف .. بس ماتستحي ..

    مايفيد فيهم الا التشهير

    وبعدين الاخ الي معلق وكاتب لين الحين تدور الشهره .. هذا الهاكرز سوى شي انت ما تقدر تسويه يا حبيبي .. خلك ساكت افضل لك

  3. ما الله قدرك الا على سرفر درجات الثانوية؟ اللي المعلومات اللي فيه مفتوحة للناس أصلا ههه
    يعطيك العافية انك حطيت الفايلات كلها بلنك وحدة للناس

  4. ليش ما حطيت لوقو على الصفحه http:// نفس ما سويت بفاست تلكو؟

  1. التنبيهات: Biggest ISP in Kuwait Qualitynet Side-Server Database Leaked | Forhaj | Hacker News

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